Stage 1 Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer Survival Rate

The breast cancer survival rate is really high combined with early detection. TACS (The American Cancer Society) accounts a five year survival rate of 100% to 98% for Stage one breast cancer after treatment.

Stage one breast cancer hasn’t spread on the inside of the breast tissue itself and it’s less than 2 CM in diameter.

Right now, 63% of all the breast cancer cases for United States white women is diagnosed and detected while it’s still found in the breast tissue as stage one. The black women in United States got a lower number, right now only 53% of the breast cancer cases in United States black females are diagnosed while the breast cancer is still situated.

The lack of health insurance and economic disparity is two reasons why the difference in the early detection rates between black females and white females are so big. White women got a very low death rate compared to black women, the breast cancer death rate for black women is around 34% percent higher than the white women’s death rate, in other hand breast cancer falls for black women is 11 percent lower compared to the white women.

The United States National Cancer Institute claims that the year 2007 around 177,460 new falls of breast cancer will be diagnosed. Every year the common death rate from breast cancer is around 40,900 in the United States, which is a very high number. The ones that have the highest rate of breast cancer in the world is North American white women.

You can improve your breast cancer survival with early detection, follow the doctor’s recommendations for testing and examination also do a self-examination every month.

You should do a monthly self-examination every month at the same time each month. Doctor examinations provided by a health care provider should begin by the age of 20 and should continue every three years until the woman is 40. After the woman has pasted 40, annual health-checkups will include doctor exams, annual mammograms will also help detecting breast cancer at the more earlier stages after the age of 40.

Since many women will face this disease called breast cancer in their life, increasing the survival rate of breast cancer should really also include breast cancer prevention, by reducing some common risk factors. To bad some risk factors like family history and genetics can’t be changed, but lucky enough they only report for a small percentage of the breast cancer cases. Some factors that actually has shown an big increase in breast cancer is hormone therapy, increased alcohol consumption, and overweight. But there are some factors to that can prevent breast cancer like holding a healthy weight, breast feeding, and exercising.